Flipping Horde & Alliance Paragons Pets

Pet collectors covet pets that are faction exclusive, especially ones tied behind a rep gate, as it can be hard for some to grind up rep on an alt of the opposing faction – especially with a ton of more important things to grind on alts at the moment. So there are some pets that drop from supplies / paragon chests that can be worthwhile to flip to the opposite faction.

Alliance Pets

Horde Pets

Yes, Alliance has 3 pets while Horde has only 1, so this will be a more profitable flip if you are selling on Horde side.

The two newest factions – Uldum Accord and Rajani – also drop paragons pets, but they will still be going for significant gold and the price varies greatly by server, so do check prices carefully before investing.

It is a lot of work to do paragons in hopes of getting pets (although missions is a great way to get passive rep if you have a mountain of resources for them, and you can easily log into alts through the app to make sending out missions fast), but fortunately they are pretty cheap to buy at level 1 off the auction house. And since pets are account bound, you can pick them up for next to nothing on a faction dominated server, then recage them on a server where the other faction is dominate.

You can also level them to 25 to up the price by ~2k-ish gold.

Need gold to pick up some pets? Since you can pick each of these paragons pets for less than 10g, just mail some BOA armor tokens and vendor them. Need some quick armor tokens? Head to Timeless Isle and kill some rares.

Chances are good that once the expac ends and players stop farming BFA content, the price of these pets will rise. So if you see them for super cheap, it is worth picking up a few extra to save for the future.